A Survey to Make Shenzhen a Better Place for Foreigners

Jul 24, 2020

During the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone establishment, Shenzhen Center for International Exchange of Personnel (SCIEP) is now doing a foreigner survey about foreigners living and working in Shenzhen with the government departments.


This survey is designed to research the foreign employment situation, including the graduates, professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs in Shenzhen.


The government would like to collect feedback and listen to suggestions so they can optimize and improve their services to build up a more international city to work and live in.


It consists of FIVE PARTS with 40 items, involving questions about living, working, traveling, and social services. Please choose your option(s) or type a short answer if you select “other” as your answer.

We appreciate you taking the time to do this survey. Your input will be highly valuable to the government.


(Click on the picture below)


IF you have any questions about the SURVEY, Please scan the QR Code(SCIEP staff: Eric LIU) and he will invite you to the Survey Wechat Group, where you can discuss the survey with the other participants. In this group, SCIEP will get back to you about the follow up of this survey and provide you the employment, visa, business, law consulting services in the future.

Thank you.

Eric LIU's Wecaht

The Shenzhen Center for International Exchange of Personnel(SCIEP), established in September 2017, is a specialized agency for international talent intelligence exchange and cooperation jointly organized by the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel(CAIEP), the Municipal Science, Technology and Innovation Commission (Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs) and the Bao’an District People's Government under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is subject to the centralized management of the Municipal Science, Technology and Innovation Commission (Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs).

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Senior Sales Manager - Asia-Pacific Region

Foreign HR is hiring a Senior Sales Manager. This job is based in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), and this manager will be in charge of the sales work for the Asian-Pacific region.

Contract (1 year)

Competitive Salary

Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam


Electric Engineer

A Chinese state construction group is hiring Construction Engineers based in Chennai, India.

Contract (1 year)

Competitive Salary

Chennai, India


Ceramic Ball Technology Specialist

Research and development on the technology to address the performance enhancement, forming and sintering of silicon nitride ceramic briquettes above Φ25.4mm


Competitive Salary

Shandong, China


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