Our service

From entry level to managerial to directorial positions, and everything in between, no matter your needs with regards to nationality, experience, education, qualifications, Foreign HR will help you recruit the right foreign talent.

Our comprehensive service covers every step of the recruitment process.


First we work to understand your company and your candidate needs.

We meet with you to understand your company and your exact needs in an employee.

Company structure
Corporate culture
Experience with hiring foreign talent

Required skills & experience
Salary requirements
Applicable government policies


We produce a job report based on our understanding of your company and the role.

This detailed report guides our talent search and takes into account factors such as responsibilities and skills, salary range, and the ideal candidate profile.


Let the talent search begin!

We search for the candidates that best meet all your criteria using our extensive resources:

▪    Foreign HR talent database
▪    Industry connections
▪    International network of consultants
▪    Our website
▪    Social media
▪    Job fairs and networkings events


Evaluating the candidates

We contact and interview promising candidates to judge their interest in your company and suitability for the job, evaluating them on criteria such as:

▪    Experience
▪    Skills
▪    Personality
▪    Health
▪    Political views
▪    Adaptability to Chinese culture, environment, and climate
▪    Suitabillity for your company culture


Reporting and candidate recommendation

We present you with a full report of the most promising candidates so you have all the information you need to decide whether to proceed with an interview.


Interview scheduling and feedback

Once you've decided which recommended candidates you'd like to interview, we'll help put you in contact and help with scheduling. For in person interviews, we can also assist with details like travel and hotel logistics. And we'll prepare interview feedback to share with both parties.


Background and reference check

No one wants to find out that their "perfect hire" is actually a convicted felon or has been lying about their work experience all along.

We can help with reference checks, document verification, criminal record checks and previous employer evaluations to ensure the candidates you interview are of the highest quality and meet all requirements.


Hiring and follow-up service

Our service doesn't end when you and your amazing new hire sign an employment contract. We're happy to provide and extra service as you on-board your new hire including:

▪    Salary negotiation
▪    Work visa application
▪    Accomodation
▪    School for accompanying dependents
▪    Spousal employment assistance