Trust is the foundation of our business

When you work with Foreign HR, our recruiter-client relationship is based on mutual trust. Trust to share information with us so we can fully understand your company's culture, structure, and development. Trust to allow us to represent your company to international job seekers. And trust that we will find the best person for the job.

For 10 years, our clients have entrusted us with their business recruitment needs and in return we've provided tailored, comprehensive service of the highest possible value.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee

Our reputation as a leader in foreign talent recruitment depends on bringing you quality candidates that match your exact hiring needs. Our success depends on bolstering your reputation and promoting your brand to talented professionals all over the world.

You always have the final say. If we recommend talent that doesn't meet your expectations, we'll find you a more suitable candidate. If for any reason a candidate provided by Foreign HR leaves the position within the agreed upon period, we will provide a suitable new candidate for free. Guaranteed.

Privacy is our biggest concern

Recruitment can be a delicate process that requires collecting and sharing sensitive information. We always put the privacy of our clients and candidates first. Any information we gather directly or indirectly is kept strictly guarded. We only share appropriate and relevant information between employer and candidate with the consent of both parties. And we require that any information we provide to clients and candidates about the other party be kept strictly confidential.