Foreign HR

Beijing Foreign HR Services International Co., Ltd. is a China-based full service foreign talent recruitment agency. We use a range of channels, including our extensive internal CV database, our websites, social media, worldwide network of consultants and partners to search the globe to match the right talent with the right job opportunity. We work with private companies, educational institutions, and government departments around China. Most clients and jobs are based in China, but we also recruit for Chinese and multinational clients with job openings abroad.

Our history

Foreign HR was founded in the Tongzhou district of Beijing in 2008. Since the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the field of international recruitment for the Chinese market. In our ten-plus years of operation, we have served over a thousand clients and tens of thousands of international job seekers, earning a reputation as a reliable, experienced, and trusted recruitment partner.

What we do

Over the years, we have expanded our service offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients and the marketplace. Beijing Foreign HR Services International Co., Ltd. now offers more service options than ever before under our four brands.

Foreign HR (FHR), our original brand offering full-service foreign talent recruitment and headhunting services since 2008. We carefully evaluate your company and needs, then search the globe to bring you the very best international talent. Our clients come from every industry and every corner of China.

The Foreign Experts Consultancy (FEC) provides a diverse, flexible range of high-level expert consultancy services. We supply government and enterprises with industry experts for short term projects, exchange visits, training seminars, technical cooperation and guidance. Our experts cover the globe and every industry. LINK

China Jobs Daily (CJD) is an online international job board and career service platform for job posting and application, resume collection and screening, brand promotion, campaigns and event advertising, and more. CJD is perfect for clients who don't need FHR's traditional full service recruitment but want to access our extensive network to advertise job openings to a broad international audience. LINK


In the process of serving clients and job seekers, we always strictly comply with Chinese law and maintain complete professional integrity.

The full legal name of Foreign HR is:


Beijing Foreign HR International Human Resources Management and Consulting Co. Ltd.

In 2008, Foreign HR was established at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Tongzhou bureau.

From 2008-2018, Foreign HR's official name was:


Beijing Foreign HR International Cultural Exchange Co. Ltd.

In July 2018, the name was changed to its current version in order to better highlight and reflect our core business.

Foreign HR's unified social credit code number is 91110112675745131J

Since our establishment over ten years ago, FHR has operated independently and has never been acquired by or participated in the acquisition of other business entities. The social credit number and the legal entity have not changed since first being established and registered.

Foreign HR is not affiliated with any other companies with similar names or websites.

Our official English name is ForeignHR.

Our official website is

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All official Foreign HR email correspondence is conducted via our and email addresses. Any communication not originating from these email addresses does not represent Foreign HR.