Technical Engineer

Posted 8 days ago

Foreign HR

Bangalore, India

About Company:

This company is a global investment and construction group featuring professional development and market-oriented operation, the largest engineering contractor in the world.

Job Profile:

A leading Chinese construction corporation is hiring Technical Engineers based in India.

Job Details:

Job Responsibilities
1. Compile the construction plan of each sub-project and conduct on-site inspection to correct the wrong construction method on site;
2. The construction methods of each process are explained to each labor team, and the workers are trained to perform correct operations;
3. Able to deeply understand the design intent, combine architectural drawings with structural drawings, find problems in the drawings, and be proficient in Auto CAD software to correct the wrong information in the drawings;
4. Effectively monitor the building during the construction process, carefully review the axis position, elevation, door and window opening size, etc.;
5.Take pictures of on-site work on a weekly basis and archive them.
6.Make report with PowerPoint according to department’s work and communicate with the owner

1. Skilled Auto CAD
2. Skilled office software, especially the making and the demonstration of PowerPoint
3. Fluent English and Chinese, with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

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Job Summary

Company Foreign HR
Location Bangalore, India
Job Type Contract (1 year)
Pay Rate 15,000 - 18,000 RMB/Month
Years of Experience Experienced(2-5 Years)
Job Reference Code J2400015

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