Electric Engineer

Posted on Apr 12, 2023

Foreign HR

Chennai, India

Job Profile:

A Chinese state construction group is hiring Construction Engineers based in Chennai, India.

Job Details:

Job Description
1.Engage in electromechanical construction site management, including progress, quality, safety and civilized construction.
2.Prepare construction progress plan and arrange manpower reasonably.
3.Organize, guide and deal with the technical and quality problems of each profession.
4.independently complete the daily management work including construction deployment and manpower arrangement.
5.Familiar with local codes and construction process, and prepare mechanical and electrical construction plan and technical delivery(presentation).
6.Regularly inspect, check and evaluate the quality of project works, the quality of engineering materials and complete the acceptance of materials into the field and report the work.
7.Actively cooperate with the design institute to deal with various technical problems of strong and weak electricity, water supply and drainage, fire fighting, HVAC and other systems.
8.Deeply discover and raise problems on site in time, strictly implement visa processing procedures, all site visas are kept and timely reported to the contract department.
9.Organize the acceptance of strong and weak electricity, water supply and drainage, fire protection, HVAC and other systems, and do a good job of acceptance reports and data collation, archiving work.
10.Responsible for printing engineers and construction of the unit technical training and drawing delivery.
11.Cooperate with other departments for cost costing, material and equipment bidding and other cost management work.
12.Coordinate the relationship between mechanical and electrical construction units and other units.
13.Handle the relationship with the owner and actively implement the rectification of the quality issues raised by the owner.
14.In accordance with the owner's time and quality requirements for timely reporting of information.
15.Complete the other work arranged by the superior leadership on time.

1.the installation of construction projects, including strong and weak electricity, HVAC, fire with professional knowledge.
2.skilled operation using WORD/EXCEL/PPT office software, good at using CAD drawing software.
3.Have good logical analysis, organization and coordination ability and good communication ability.
4.Familiar with the engineering construction process and construction management points, can independently solve the technical quality problems encountered in the construction of this professional project.
5.Experience in construction management of relevant dormitories and plants is preferred.
6.Typically has five (5) years of project experience and three (3) years of management experience above.
7.Ability to speak/read English and Chinese.

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Job Summary

Company Foreign HR
Location Chennai, India
Job Type Contract (1 year)
Pay Rate Competitive Salary
Years of Experience Experienced(2-5 Years)
Job Reference Code J2300095

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