Low Noise Tire Expert

Posted on Feb 27, 2024

Foreign Expert Consultancy

Shandong, China

About Company:

Founded in 1976,Triangle Tyre has successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange Market in Septemter,2016.Triangle is a leading company of Chinese tire industry with major products covering commercial car tires, passenger car tires, OTR, jumbo OTR tires and special tires. Annual tire capacity is over 25 million units.
As the president unit of The Strategic Alliance of Tire Industry Technology Innovation, Triangle has national-class R&D center, national-class industrial design center, post-doctoral research station and American Akron R&D center. The sole national engineering laboratory of Chinese tire industry was also located in Triangle. Developing strategic cooperation with Tianjin University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Technology, the United States Akron University, and Beijing Rubber Industry Design and Research Institute, Triangle is the major constitutor of industrial standards and national standards and the number of patents at home and abroad ranks the first in the domestic industry.

Job Profile:

Nature of activity requested (project description)
Develop numerical strategy to model the deformation process of green rubber tire as pressed by mold; rubber deformation and cord/ply displacements has to be considered; as a result of the prediction, the layout of the cured tire would be determined and compared to measurements.

Job Details:

Assignment target

The proposed numerical model has to be robust as tested by arbitrarily picked 10 benchmark cases (80% has to pass the test smoothly without numerical instabilities).

It would be a plus (1) if comparing to the measured position of key points such as end points of ply/belts in the cured layout, there is less than 3 mm mismatch in the prediction; (2) if the measured inflation tread profile is no more than 1 mm distant from the predicted profile.

Expert qualification required (professional linguistic, etc)


Mechanics or maths backgound; expertise in rubber field is preferred but not required

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Job Summary

Company Foreign Expert Consultancy
Location Shandong, China
Job Type Project
Pay Rate Competitive Salary
Job Reference Code J2100092

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