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Posted on Feb 27, 2024

Foreign Expert Consultancy

Zhejiang, China

About Company:

The company was founded in 2000, headquartered in the national development zone of Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, and listed on the main board of SSE A shares in 2015 (603611.SH). The company has 19 subsidiaries in the world, 8 factories and 2 overseas R&D institutions.
The company's main business includes intelligent logistics system business and intelligent manufacturing equipment, in which the intelligent logistics system business provides customized intelligent internal logistics solutions for customers from various industries, with cross-industry comprehensive service capabilities, and has completed a total of more than 1,700 related logistics system engineering cases worldwide; intelligent manufacturing equipment, material handling equipment segment products light and small industrial In the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment, the market share of small and light industrial vehicles has been the first in the world for more than ten consecutive years, and the sales of electric warehouse forklifts are the leading in China. With the implementation of the company's resource integration and global strategy, after years of efforts, the company has developed into one of the few companies in the world that can simultaneously provide overall solutions for material handling equipment, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, intelligent conveyor sorting system, unmanned transport robot AGV and its system, supply chain integrated system software, etc., and has realized the transition from a "traditional material handling equipment manufacturer" to a "full field In 2019, the company achieved total revenue of RMB 3.087 billion, of which 51.86% was from overseas, and total profit reached RMB 278 million.

Job Profile:

1、Group technical vice president/technical expert: according to the enterprise development plan, formulate the group technological innovation plan, fully responsible for the technological innovation work of Noritake Group, and technical guidance.
2、Project leader: preside over the development of enterprise projects and lead the team to overcome technical problems.

Job Details:

Problems to be solved: 

1, Research on key technologies of unmanned logistics robots, mainly focusing on key technologies such as vehicle navigation (especially visual navigation), autonomous judgment, and adaptive algorithms, with accuracy of ±5mm and above.
2, cluster scheduling software development, in the field of logistics, the development of robots, vehicles (including driverless vehicles, manually driven vehicles, shuttles, stacker cranes) as the main scheduling object of the system control, optimization and scheduling algorithms and software.
3, Research on key technologies of intelligent manufacturing, with the ability of top-level planning and design of intelligent factories; development and application of industrial vision and laser detection software; realization of bottom-level communication and interaction of equipment, etc.
4, Industrial Internet construction projects for intelligent manufacturing, based on 5G technology, artificial intelligence technology, industrial Internet, big data and other new generation information technology in the warehouse logistics system application research.
5, Key technology and application demonstration of smart logistics control based on digital twin. Digital twin - real-time mapping of the integrated system model of warehousing and logistics and physical warehousing, using 5G communication and VR/AR technology to realize remote 3D virtual warehousing real-time display of physical warehousing inventory status and logistics activities, as well as subsidiary logistics information, to achieve holographic monitoring and intelligent management of the entire warehouse.
6, Digital design and simulation of logistics equipment products, industrial vehicles, AGV, shuttle, automatic shelves, automatic stacker cranes and sorting equipment and other warehousing and logistics equipment digital design and simulation, product structural strength and lightweight design, modular design, etc.

Position requirements: 

Group Vice President of Technology / Technical Expert
1、Generally should have obtained a doctorate degree and be no more than 55 years old (for non-Chinese foreign experts, no more than 65 years old).
2、Professional and technical talents and business management talents who hold positions equivalent to that of a professor in famous foreign universities and scientific research institutions or who hold senior positions in internationally renowned enterprises and financial institutions.
3, not working full-time in the country at the time of entry, or working in the country for not more than 1 year.

4. Must work full-time in China for more than 3 years after joining.

Project leader
1、Obtained PhD degree overseas, not more than 35 years old
2、Have a formal teaching or scientific research position in overseas famous universities, scientific research institutions or R&D institutions of famous enterprises, or start their own business, and work overseas for more than 36 months continuously after obtaining a doctorate degree
3. Not working full-time in China at the time of entry, or working in China for less than 1 year
4. Must have worked full-time in Zhejiang for more than 5 years continuously after joining.

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Job Summary

Company Foreign Expert Consultancy
Location Zhejiang, China
Job Type Project
Pay Rate Competitive Salary
Job Reference Code J2100106

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