Composites Material Expert

Posted on Feb 27, 2024

Foreign Expert Consultancy

Shandong, China

About Company:

Main areas of organization/company activity
Production and marketing of food and health care products.
Research and development, production and marketing of plant extracts.
The production and sale of color bullet capsule handicraft.
Sales of cosmetics.

Job Profile:

Issues to be solved
Process and Quality Standard of AFP
1. Process Standard of AFP products
2. Quality Standard of AFP products
Targets(To specify technical data or data requirements for product improvement)
We need to form the domestic AFP product quality standards with reference to the foreign ones to meet the needs of national defense and civil aviation. The final goal is to develop and form national or industry standards with the help of foreign experts.

Job Details:

Qualification requirement for experts(expertise, language, technical patent, etc.)

Composites Major, English. 

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Job Summary

Company Foreign Expert Consultancy
Location Shandong, China
Job Type Project
Pay Rate Competitive Salary
Job Reference Code J2100095

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