Notice on the Current Visa Application Procedures

Jun 30, 2022

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chinese government has been adjusting the visa policy following the development of the pandemic. This Notice is to introduce the current visa policy and the application procedures. If you need to apply for a visa to China from the Embassy, please follow the instructions:

1. Visa applications shall be made according to consular jurisdiction. The consular jurisdiction of the Chinese Embassy include:

Washington DC, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia , Wyoming, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Puerto Rico

2. Steps of visa application in the Embassy:

1.) First, the visa applicant is required to send an email to be sure to send the email according to the following instructions:

A. Please don’t useYahoo email to contact us, which very often can not reach our email address successfully.One email only serves one visa application, please do not combine several applications in one email.

B. Email Subject:"Applicant's Name + State of Residence + Visa Type".

C. Email Text: Please elaboratethe purpose of your visit to China.

D. Email Attachments:

a) Visa applicant's driver's license / proof of residence in our consular jurisdiction.

b) Basic Document for visa application. For “Basic Document”, please check part “3”of this Notice.

c) The attachments must be in photo/picture. Please don’t use PDF.

2.) For visa application that is within the current scope of visa processing, the staff will send a list of required documents by replying to your email.

3.) The applicant reply to the email by uploading all the documents following the list.

4.) The staff will preview all of the documents by email. After the preview is finished, the staff will send a 8-digit Preview Pass Number(PPN) to the applicant, and instruct the applicant how to mail the physical documents.

5.) The applicant must mail the whole set of physical documents to the designated address. The staff will review the physical documents.When the review is finished, the visa will be issued and mailed back to the applicant. If additional documents are needed in reviewing step, the staff will contact the applicant by email. In certain cases, applications may be rejected during the reviewing step.

3. Visa Types and Basic Document:

Visa Type



(For other required documents, the applicant will be guided by the staff by email)


Visits related to economic and trade, science, technology, etc

PU Letter



Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit in the PRC


Z visa / M visa / F visa holder's minor child/spouse/parent/parent-in-law

(If above visa holder’s adult child/child’s spouse need to visit China, please send an email to specify the situation. )

Residence Permit in China of theZ visa holder/ Z Visa/M visa/F visa

(The application documents for S1/S2 visa may vary from case to case. The staff will provide specific guidance by email.)


Foreign family member of a Chinese citizen;

Foreign family member of a foreigner with Permanent Residence Card in China.

*The "family member" include: Spouse/Parent/Parent-in-law/Child/Child'sSpouse/Grandparent/Grandchild/Sibling

ID card of the Chinese citizen/

Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card in China

(The application documents for Q1/Q2 visa may vary from case to case. The staff will provide specific guidance by email.)


High Level Foreign Talents

Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents

(R visa holder’s spouse/minor child apply for S2 visa )


Crew member

Guarantee letter from transport company

4. For emergency humanitarian visa beyond the above scope, such as attending a funeral of a direct family member or visiting a direct family member in critical condition, the BasicDocument is Death Certificate or a certificate of diagnosis/critical illness notice issued by a hospital.

5. For diplomatic/official visas, please send email directly to The staff will guide the specific processing procedures.

6. Please be kindly noted that for applications that go beyond the current visa processing scope, the relevant emails will not be replied.

(Source:, updated on June 13, 2022)

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