Senior R&D manager of NEV’s transmission

Posted on Aug 14, 2019

Foreign HR

Beijing, China

About Company:

The employer is a world leader of motor systems and electric drive assembly for new energy vehicles (NEV). Since its establishment, the company has been supporting for the fast-growing NEV market with its outstanding solutions of products and systems. Thanks to its superior quality and advantageous technologies relied upon by worldwide customers, it has successfully helped build China’s NEV electric drive products with a global reach. Its market leadership around the world is consolidated by the production, sales, and export of drive motor systems.

It is a pioneer in technical innovation. Following a technical roadmap covering pure EVs, plug-in hybrids, and hybrids, it provides highly competitive drive motor products featuring high power intensity, high torque intensity and high reliability. It also extends its technology and products to electric drive assembly and its core parts and components, supplying to customers more complete electric propulsion solutions of these products including motors, motor controllers, transmissions, reducers and advanced control software.

Job Profile:

Senior R&D manager with a world leader of motor systems and electric drive assembly for new energy vehicles (NEV). Applicants must be on board ASAP. The position is based in Beijing.

Job Details:


  1. Responsible for development and design of new products such as electric drive assembly, gear transmission, and etc.;
  2. Responsible for the highly integrates’ development and design of transmission, reducer, and motor system;
  3. Responsible for draw product assembly and parts engineering drawing; sample manufacturing; guiding the processing and assembly of trial part.
  4. Responsible for training and guiding young employees' technical work;
  5. Formulate trial-production assembly process, inspection and testing requirements.
  6. Proficient in using solidworks, Pro/E, UG, CATIA and other software to design and draw three-dimensional and engineering drawings of parts.

  1. Doctoral degree, Major in mechanical, electrical, industrial engineering, and electrical engineering;
  2. Proficient in the construction, design, analysis of automobile transmission, reducer or bridge products; with more than 15 years' experience in transmission design;
  3. Proficient in the design principle, parts manufacturing, assembly, dimension chain calculation, quality testing, and bench test or any this kind of assembly;
  4. Plentiful experience in designing gears, shafting, and shell parts;
  5. Familiar with manufacturing process of gears, shafting, and other parts;
  6. Understanding of mechanical processing technology, Stamping Die, and other relate knowledge;
  7. Familiar with manufacturing and process technology of shell casting products;
  8. Familiar with design of mechanical parts; master of finite element analysis, force analysis, data calculation, and etc.
  9. Skilled in using solidworks, Pro/E, UG, AutoCAD, and other software that use to design three-dimensional and engineering drawings of parts;
  10. Familiar with quality system of automobile industry; have good understand and practical application experience of SPC, DOE, FMEA, process flow chart, and MSA;
  11. Able to operate PDM and ERP systems (BOM entry);
  12. Have excellence English skill, oral English proficiency is preferred;
  13. Have understand of motor structure and motor designer is preferred;
  14. Have experience in MASTA or ROMAX is preferred.

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Job Summary

Company Foreign HR
Location Beijing, China
Job Type Contract (1 year)
Pay Rate Competitive Salary
Years of Experience Manager/Supervisor of Staff(2+Years)
Job Reference Code J1900888

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