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Foreign Expert Consultancy

Shandong, China

Job Profile:

Experts on the unshaped integrated energy-saving, complete, intelligent batching equipment and packaging equipment are needed based on projects.

Job Details:

Project Background:

In 2020, China's refractory production capacity is about 10 million tons, with an output value of about 100 billion yuan. Among them, shaped products account for about 60%, and amorphous products account for about 40%. For the developed countries abroad, the unshaped products account is about 70% or even higher, and the others are high-temperature fired products.

Therefore, the development of monolithic refractories in China still has huge room for development. As refractory raw materials, various additives, and fine powder preparation technology become more and more mature, it is a general trend for monoliths to replace shaped products. 

The production equipment of unshaped refractory materials is simple, without large-scale forming equipment and firing kilns, and the energy consumption per unit product is only 20-30% compared with that of shaped products. 

The equipment for unshaped products is mainly composed of crushing and crushing system, silo, automatic weighing equipment, belt conveyor, mixer and discharge bagging device.

The main problems to solve:

  • Intelligent and automated production equipment for large prefabricated parts;
  • The problem of low strength of magnesia and magnesia-aluminum composite monolithic refractories at low temperatures;
  • Solve the problem of secondary hydration of magnesium-based amorphous materials and preforms.

Indicators to be achieved:

  • The production line of large prefabricated parts (unit weight 500-1000KG) realizes automatic and intelligent continuous production, reduces labor intensity of workers, and realizes environmental protection and safe production;
  • The strength of magnesia amorphous material at 850°C and 1100°C is above 80MPA, which meets the requirements for strength in use at medium and low temperatures;
  • Solutions to problems such as cracks and strength reduction of magnesium-based amorphous materials during the drying process.

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Job Summary

Company Foreign Expert Consultancy
Location Shandong, China
Job Type Project
Pay Rate Competitive Salary
Years of Experience Experienced(10+ Years)
Job Reference Code J2100068

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