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Tailor your CV for the Chinese market

If you're applying for a programming job, don't fill your resume with all of your teaching experience - it's just not relevant. The HR people reading your application will just skip over it anyway, or worse, skip your whole CV and move on to the next applicant...

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Individual Income Tax Reform: What You Need To Know

On a hot day in May in Shanghai, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai held an information session about a hot topic for many expats working in China - individual income tax...

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The ABCs of the new foreign worker visa system

In May I attended an event organized by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce – Visa Policy Update by the Shanghai Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs...

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11 seriously useful smartphone apps for China

If you've been in China for a while you might take for granted things you've learned long ago that make your life easier. How to deal with your cellphone company or bank, how to order food, rent a bike, or shop online, for example...

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Working in China: A step-by-step guide

You still need to secure a Foreigner's Work Permit Notice, work visa, Foreigner's Work Permit and Residence Permit so that you can actually legally stay and work in China...

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